Uli Hauschild

Obtained his degree in Dental Technology in Germany and successfully runs his laboratory in Sanremo, Italy since 1985. Specialized in esthetic and functional prosthesis, he serves an international clientele and looks back on a founded scope of experience with different systems of Computer aided Implantology. Both nationally and internationally, he regularly delivers presentations on Implant Dentistry and Computer guided Implantology and as one of the pioneers, became opinion leader and beta-tester for market leading suppliers.

Federico Manes

Studied communication and informatics at the universities of Genova and Siena and collected abroad experience in Spain. After having lived his passion for computers and design while working in an Apple Store, he joined Dental Design in 2012 to eventually focus his expertise on the world of digital dentistry, dental photography and communication.

Jurij Alastra

Gained his diploma in dental technology in 2002 and cut his first teeth in several laboratories before finding his way to Dental Design in 2007. Being extremely precise and determined, he specialized in modeling Zircon where he became a real benefit to the team.

Stefania Tirelli

After graduating in biomedical engineering she won a scholarship at IRCCS Policlinico San Donato becoming specialised in magnetic resonance imaging elaboration. Furthermore she attended a Master in pharmaceutical Management and Marketing.This background led her to became fast a key figure at DentalDesign

Denise Campagna

Joined Dental Design back in 1999 and became a crucial asset ever since. She is highly motivated and incredibly efficient. Thanks to her diversity of skills she in in charge of numerous responsibilities within the team.

Silke Sawalt

Has many years of experience in administration and now manages the German branch in Goch.